Don’t underestimate measure-made!

An authentically dressed groom should also look his best in the suit next to his beautiful bride. My design approach aimes at emphasizing the natural beauty of the body by higlighting elegance through ingenious details. I’ll guide you extensively to create the perfect measure-made suit which will create a perfect & unique look. We adress specifically your individual requirements in order to give you an authentic and elegant look.

Therefore each suit can be delivered in different colors, fabrics, as a two-piece or complete set and of course with perfectly combined accessories. According to our operating principles your suit and accessories will be made to measure so that a perfect fit is always guaranteed. In our atelier, you’ll also find the exceptional, handmade shoes suitable to your custom suit.

The elegant suits are available in standart sizes: 44-64 / longsize: 88-126 & short size: 22-32.

Also take advantage of our free premium service: We’ll help you to get dressed in our atelier on your wedding day.Enjoy a glass of champagne in a peaceful atmosphere while getting dressed by us until you get picked up to say the words “I do.